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Cameron, Proc Camb Phil Soc 195. 1969. 7-29). :>VO~CXO'E 9eo5oopta5a:, 5o\Js a:V-rij Ka:l ~flTpolTOAlTlKOV 5{Ka:tov. Tov 5~ ~lT{O'l(olTov Aa:o5tKe{a:s o\JK f}Aeveepooae Tov \moKeia6a:t Tef> lTCXTptapx1J Ti'js •AVTtoxeoov lTOAEOOS . e1 a:V-ref> xp6vef> eye vETo Ta:pa:xit ~v ·A VTtoxetq: Tij ~eyCxA'IJ ~V T'f> 6ec:hpef>. ei. et. vs cp6J3os yeyovev. a:f36VTa:s els To yevea6a:1 a:V-rovs Kotvoovovs Tfis 6p6o56~ov lT{aTeoos. oO"TtS 6eios TV1Tos ~vecpa:v{a-6fl ~V lTCxO'CXlS TCXiS ~~OOTlKCXiS lTOAeO'lV.

I~at L. lE-rpeicr6al. ov -rov 'TTEpl, 10 cmota 'TTOAACx -rois 'TTAT}O'l 't"Ol(j)Se. lOV ... lqllAOXOOPEiV e[oo6El KCXl ~a-r1Ci:v -rovs q>1:A-r&-rovs. a. 6:cr6al. i (3VpOlJ 'TTEplEXOI-lEVOV, 3 TCf'> ••• &vo:yeypaiJ~vos: this probably means that he belonged to the official guild of advocates: cf. St'KT'IY6pov in 12 below. ey~ypaJJJJtvos Reffel. 5 005 So"Keiv 'KTA. : this clause is typical of Byzantine affectation, with its dual and oxymoron 'to be united and divided by a single boundary'.

28-29 6v-roos aot looks like an abbreviation of ov-roos aot Myoo, as at 56 below. rrra

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