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By A. Voltolini

What's depiction? a brand new solution is given to this venerable query via supplying a syncretistic thought of depiction that attempts to mix the benefits of the former theories at the topic whereas losing their defects. therefore, not just perceptual, but additionally either traditional and causal elements give a contribution in making anything an image of anything else.

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3 As far as verbal signs are concerned, this claim may easily be accepted. With the exception perhaps of Plato in the Cratylus, no one has ever maintained that verbal signs wear their meaning on their sleeve, as it were. But the claim may be striking as far as pictorial representations are concerned. For a naïve view on this matter says that such 23 24 A Syncretistic Theory of Depiction representations have the subject they have just in case they resemble it, that is they share some properties with it.

47 Armed with this distinction in content, Kulvicki may well say that the bare bones content is the kind of content that supervenes on the syntactic identity of a pictorial representation. So, syntactically identical representations may certainly differ in content, as in the aforementioned case of pictures of twins, or even in other cases. 48 If this is the case, then, indeed, the bare bones content of a pictorial representation has a constraining role with respect to its fleshed out content. 49 But, then, as far as figurativity is concerned, it is not structural transparency, but rather identity in bare bones content, that wears the trousers in Kulvicki’s account.

Thus, he or she is not fooled by his or her illusorily seeing that vehicle as such items. By knowing that he or she is facing Piero’s fresco, the seeing-in entertainer is not fooled by him or her illusorily seeing the picture as St Louis or, equivalently, as Schumacher. He or she definitely sees that fresco as St Louis or, equivalently, as Schumacher, yet because he or she also knows that he or she sees that fresco, she feels that neither of the two are there. As a final result, since the picture’s vehicle shares the relevant grouping properties with the picture’s subject, the syncretist has the opportunity to re-evaluate partially objective resemblance theories of 22 A Syncretistic Theory of Depiction depiction.

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