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By Glyn Richards

Via a balanced choice of texts with commentaries, this paintings combines an method of the renaissance of Hinduism and the reformation of Indian society.

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Upon these considerations I decided that those who would take a vow to renounce idolatry and resolve to worship the one God, they alone would be regarded as Brāhmas. 10 Influence of Rāmmohan Roy and Views of Idolatry I was the eldest son of my father. On any ceremonial occasion it was I who had to go from house to house inviting people. ’ Upon this he said, ‘Brother, why come to me? ’ Now after all this lapse of time I understood the purport and meaning of those words. Since then I inwardly resolved that as Rammohan Roy did not take part in any imageworship or idolatry, so would I not join in them either.

He is sometimes referred to as the Luther of India compared with Rāmmohan Roy’s more Erasmian approach, and given his deep-seated desire to lead his fellow countrymen back to the Vedas the description may not be in-appropriate. DAYĀNANDA SARASWATĪ Religion I believe in a religion based on universal and all-embracing principles which has always been accepted as true by mankind, and will continue to command the allegiance of mankind in the ages to come. Hence it is that the religion in question is called the primeval eternal religion, which means that it is above the hostility of all human creeds whatsoever… My conception of God and all other objects in the universe is founded on the teachings of Veda and other true Shastras, and is in conformity with the beliefs of all the sages, from Brahma down to Jaimini… That alone I hold to be acceptable which is worthy of being believed by all men in all ages.

However superstitious their practices and objectionable their doctrines, as there is no absolute truth, so there is no absolute falsehood in them. As in men, so in systems of philosophy and theology, we see nowhere unmixed purity or impurity. We must not, therefore, pronounce indiscriminate condemnation upon any creed, nor cherish sectarian antipathy towards its followers. 19 There are some among us who denounce Mohamedanism as wholly false, while others contend that Hinduism is altogether false.

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