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A multi-purpose reference paintings which should still develop into an vital significant other for anyone who comes into contact with Hinduism. features a dictionary of Sanskrit and vernacular phrases; a thesaurus of phrases and ideas; and a survey of the ancient improvement of Hinduism.

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Dravidian the name for the non-Āryan population (and languages) of India, of ancient Mediterranean origin, who once formed the bulk of the Harappan population before the Āryan invasion. They are now prevalent only in South India, although there is a pocket of people speaking Brahui, a Dravidian language, in Baluchistan. There are four main Dravidian nationalities and languages in South India: Tamil, Kannada (Kanarese), Telagu and Malayalam. Dreaming, or sleep with dreams (svapna or supti), in which one perceives another world and moves in space with objects and other beings in it, is used in the and Vedāntic texts as an illustration of the capacity of the mind to project its own images as a seemingly independent external reality outside oneself, by implication rendering the world in the waking state (jāgarita sthāna) equally dependent on the mind.

Freedom of will is an implicit feature of the doctrine of karmic retribution which presupposes responsibility for one’s thoughts, words and deeds and the capability to choose. e. by one’s own doing in the past, but this does not change the moral dilemma or affect the ability to choose what is perceived as good or at least to abstain from evil. The perception may, of course, be faulty and the individual ‘pays’ also for his mistakes. e. of choosing to search for truth, of neglecting it out of idleness or of rejecting it for immediate gain, while suppressing the thought of long-term effects.

She has preserved much of her privileged and protected status up to the present day, being allowed to roam freely even in cities among all the traffic. Creation, in the sense of an initial creative act of God giving rise to the world out of nothing, does not apply in Hinduism. Whenever the word is used, it refers to the beginning of one of the many periodic manifestations of the world; see Cosmogony. Cremation is virtually the only accepted way in Hinduism of disposing of the bodies of deceased persons, described or at least mentioned in even the earliest 38 A POPULAR DICTIONARY OF HINDUISM parts of the Vedas.

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