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For a large thalamocortical axon, with its thousands of terminal segments (Martin 1984; White 1989), a manual procedure is of course practically impossible. One direction of further work is to find a simple parameter estimation procedure. Some work on parameter estimation using hidden Markov chain models and the related estimation algorithms (Dempster et al. 1977) was already started. The main result of the paper is the asymptotic form for the distribution of the path length and the propagation delays along the axon.

Neuroscience 6:1217-1230 Winfield DA, Gatter KC, Powell TPS (1980) An electron microscopic study of the types and proportions of neurons in the cortex of the motor and visual areas of the cat and rat. Brain 103:245-258 Wise SP, Hendry SHC, Jones EG (1977) Prenatal development of sensorimotor cortical projections in cats. Brain Res 138:538-544 Wise SP, Jones EG (1978) Developmental studies of thalamocortical and commissural connections in the rat somatic sensory cortex. J Comp NeuroI178:187-208 An Example for Specific Connections in the Visual Cortex Zoltan F.

How can this gap be filled? This chasm between current work in the neurophysiology· of the cerebral cortex and what is needed to account for it being the "organ of civilisation" makes me very uneasy. I feel it is as if, in studying the heart, we had become involved in a detailed examination of the ionic currents and membrane channels of the Purkinje fibres before making the all-important discovery that the heart pumps blood around the body. There is something crucial missing; we desperately lack understanding at levels intermediate between the detailed physiology and anatomy of neurons and the behaviour the brain is responsible for.

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