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By Philip Norrie

This publication exhibits how bubonic plague and smallpox helped finish the Hittite Empire, the Bronze Age within the close to East and later the Carthaginian Empire. The ebook will learn all of the attainable infectious illnesses found in precedent days and convey that lifestyles was once an everyday fight for survival both heading off or combating opposed to those infectious affliction epidemics. The publication will argue that infectious affliction epidemics are a severe hyperlink within the chain of causation for the death of such a lot civilizations within the old international and that historical historians may still not forget about them, as is at the moment the case.

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After Mursili I returned to Hattusa he was assassinated so the Hittite Empire was plunged into chaos and the first of many power struggles for HOW DISEASE AFFECTED THE HISTORY OF THE HITTITE EMPIRE 39 its control. Throughout its history the Hittite Empire was plagued by infighting within the extended Hittite royal family and upper echelons of Hittite society for control of the Hittite Empire, sometimes resulting in political assassinations and civil war. Because of the intrigues, the Hittite Empire was sometimes weakened and vulnerable so the rulers had to devise ways to protect their borders from invasion.

16. ) 42. 36 A HISTORY OF DISEASE IN ANCIENT TIMES 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. Ibid. Ibid, 43. Ibid, 44. Ibid. , “Egyptian Historical Records of the later Eighteenth Dynasty” (V, Warminster, 1994) 44–45. Ibid, 44. html, 1. Accessed 9 December 2012 which states, when discussing the Sed festival, “The purpose of the festival seems to have been the renewal of the physical and supernatural energies of the king”. Ibid. , “Insect Remains from the Collections in the Egyptian Museum in Turin”, (Archaeometry, Vol.

The second lecture was given on the 9 December 1948 on “The Roman Republic and Empire”. The third lecture given on the 6 December 1949 was “Sixth Century to Fifteenth Century”, with the fourth and last lecture on the 8 December 1949 being “Sixteenth Century to Nineteenth Century”. All Wynn’s papers are held by the University of Birmingham, where he was Professor of Medicine.  Wynn which contains several typescript variant copies of parts of some of the lectures and about 85 pages of manuscript notes but unfortunately nothing which refers to smallpox and the Hittites.

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