JK Rowling

This is an extraordinary little book, based on a simple but wonderful idea: What would you say to yourself if you came face-to-face with the sixteen-year-old you?


Stephen King

I'm writing to you from the year 2010, when I have reached the totally ridiculous age of sixty-two, in order to give you a piece of advice.


James Belushi

Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Jimmy, I know you're sitting in County Jail right now for the next three days because Judge Nolan was sick of seeing you in Juvenile Court.


Giliian Anderson

Dear Gillian, You are completely and utterly self obsessed. If you spent a quarter of your time thinking about others instead of how much you hate your thighs.


Hugh Jackman

Dear Hugh, Just thought I would pop you a little note to see how you are (even though I know) and tell you that yes!!!


Alice Cooper

Trashy girls are exciting for about five minutes…. Keep your eye out for a really good-looking church girl.


Kathleen Turner

I am writing to you from forty years passed by. I love your passion and confidence, and want to tell you that you are right.


A portion of the profits made by this book will be donated by the author to Doctors without borders.