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  1. This is such a touching story, Neil ..It idernms me of how this same trick worked a treat in my family. I am the oldest of four and for many, many years, the three oldest girls slept in one tiny bedroom, with folding-down beds. Only two weeks ago I told this very same ritual to a visiting friend: As the oldest of us it was my bedtime duty’ to ensure that my sisters were asleep before I allowed myself to go to sleep. I therefore told them invented stories, always in the dark, so they had to be very colourful and innovative! When I had made sure that both of them slept their fitful sleep of young girls who need their beauty rest .., I couldn’t sleep because what the 2 of them didn’t know was that I had a croc (or an alligator) under MY fold-down bed and I couldn’t go to the toilet once it was quiet in the appartment because the croc would just wait for me to step into my house shoes to snatch my ankle .. What sounds absolutely hilarious now was a matter of great earnest to me at that time so, in order to get my sis to sleep and NOT to fall asleep myself I invented more and more side-tracked-stories! Then, when my sisters asked the evening after to repeat the story of yesterday I had a hard time to come up with something similar . which of course needed to be topped-up with a continuation of the tale!!!It’s actually a miracle that I turned out quite well adjusted; I could have become a total nerd by the time I turned an adult!!!! Thank you for this wonderful story . PLEASE don’t give up bedtime stories; invented or true ones they are so important to children!!!!Kiki

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