One thought on “JK Rowling

  1. I hope someday you read this letter. I think I cannot summarize in few lines all the things I would like you to know. I admire you since the first time I read Harry Potter, I was 7 and hardly I could understand what I read. It truly changed my life. Since then, I continued reading all of them, waiting for the day the new book came out and also at the cinema, because the movies are also awesome, but nothing can be compared to the books. I hope you can understand how important you were, are and will be in my life, I will always remember you as the person who taught me that reading is not only for nerds, but also for people who want to escape to a new world. My best wishes for you in your future career, cannot wait for The Casual Vacancy :)

    Valeria Sáenz, Lima, Peru

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