John Waters

Director of cult classics Pink Flamingoes, Multiple Maniacs and Female Trouble as well as mainstream hits Hairspray and Crybaby. John is also a comedian and the author of Crackpot: The Obsessions of John Waters and most recently Role Models.

• His joyous and outrageous movies which celebrate bad taste has led him to be dubbed ‘The Pope of Trash”

• His regular cast members are known as ‘The Dreamlanders’

• He Enjoys watching trials and once wrote a column about Law Court fashion.

John Waters’ advice to himself at 16: “’Pissed off’ at 16 is sexy, at 64 it’s… spinning your wheels.”

Quotable John:

 “I asked this guy in a bar what he did for a living and he said he traded deer meat for crack. I never realised that job even existed. You could make a whole movie about that person. And he was kind of cute too, if you could ignore his eyes rolling around his head.”

John said of a fellow contributor: Greg Gorman is the only person I’d let photograph my corpse.”

John was 16 in 1962, the year that…

The US launched the Ranger 3 mission to the moon.  It missed by 22,000 miles.

Marilyn Monroe died.


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