Aasif Mandvi

Stage, film and TV actor, Correspondent and Senior Egyptologist on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart • Was born in India but lived in Bradford in England until he was 16, when his family moved to Florida.

• Has been in films such as Airbender

• Won an Obie Award for his Off Broadway one-man show, Sakina’s Restaurant.

Quotable Aasif

“It’s like the old saying, Jon: Is this Hell? No. it’s Iowa.”

Aasif to his 16 year old self:

“It is that very foreigness, that outsiderness, that feeling of being ‘other’ that is your power, and your mutability is the gift – use them both!”

Aasif was 16 in 1982, the year that… 

The Falkland War begins between Britain and Argentina.


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