James Belushi

American actor, musician and comedian best known for his roles in films such as About Last Night and K-9.

He also stars as James ‘Jim’ Orenthal in the widely syndicated ABC comedy show According To Jim.

• Played fellow Dear Me contributor James Woods’ spaced out DJ buddy in Oliver Stones acclaimed Salvador

• The younger brother of the late Blues Brother star, John Belushi.

• Active co-owner with Dan Aykroyd and others of the House of The Blues music venue chain.

• Author of Real Men Don’t Apologize, which is a retrosexual guide to the opposite sex.

• Makes music with Dan Akroyd as The Blues Brothers and also The Sacred Heart Blues Band.

Jim was 16 in 1970, the year that…

Paul McCartney announces The Beatles have split, Diana Ross leaves The Supremes and Jimi Hendrix dies.

Jim’s advice to his 16-year-old self: 

“It’s okay, you didn’t hurt anybody. It was a victimless crime”


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