Lucas Cruikshank

With his hyperactive Fred Figglehorn character, Lucas is the original Youtube sensation and now with 2 films and a Nickelodeon series under his belt.

  1. Lucas runs the first Youtube channel to have a million subscribers.
  2. He won the 2009 Teen Choice Web Star Award.
  3. As of September 2011, his videos have had nearly 830 million views
  4. His videos receive on average 1 to 9 million views a piece.

Quotable Lucas:I just wanted to make a video for Halloween, so I created Fred and sped up the voice. I have little brothers and sisters and know how funny they can be.”

Lucas to his 16-year-old self: “…could you pass this letter on to me at 13?”

Lucas was 16 in 2009, the year that… Michael Jackson died.


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