Melina Kanakaredes

Daytime Emmy award nominated actress known for her starring roles in CSI:NY and Providence.

  1. When asked why she didn’t use her husband, Peter Constantantinides name professionally, she said it was “even more difficult to pronounce” than her own.
  2. Has been a competitive synchronized swimmer.
  3. She announced the arrival of the Olympic Flame in New York for the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Quotable Melina “Don’t be embarrassed of who you are, they’re gonna judge you no matter what you do.”

Melina to her 16-year-old self “Working with your family, no matter how embarrassing the costumes are, is exactly what makes you the woman you become in the future.”

Melina was 16 in 1983, the year that…

Pioneer 10 becomes the first man-made object to leave the solar system and Guion Bulford became the first African-American in space.


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