Eileen Fulton

Soap opera legend, theatre star, author and TV’s original bad girl.

  1. Played Lisa Grimaldi on the soap As The World Turns for 50 Years between 1960 and 2010 – the longest run in TV history.
  2. Was the subject of one of the first ever prime time TV spin off series,
  3. Time magazine referred to her character as a ‘Superbitch.’
  4. Member of Soap Opera Hall of Fame and holder of a lifetime achievement award from the TV Academy of the Daytime Emmys.
  5. The author of a popular series of Take One For Murder novels

Eileen’s Dear Me advice: “You do not have to marry the first man you sleep with.”

Eileen was 16 in 1949, the year that:

Los Angeles received its first ever recorded snowfall, the first non-stop round the world flight was completed and the first primate entered space – a monkey named Albert II.


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